Col Pask


Col Pask founded Wild Wave Websites to help small and medium business.

Over a 20 year period, Col held a number of management positions in various Sales and Marketing areas within Telstra.  He has a wealth of experience in Sales, from Sales Training to Sales Management followed by managing Sales Performance for the Telstra National Commercial salesforce.

In the mid 80’s, Col was one of 6 sales trainers initially trained by AT&T(USA) who then trained the first 240 sale representatives in Telstra.

As a Senior Manager within Telstra, Col provided Sales and Marketing Programs to support the Victorian Sales Force.

Col also spent a number of years as the National Manager Market Analysis in Telstra, where he was responsible for a team of people involved with market segmentation, customer knowledge, forecasts plus analysis of achievements and market perceptions.  It was during this time that Col honed his skills in Market Research, Spreadsheets and Databases.

After leaving Telstra in 2000, Col worked for MapInfo where he was responsible for selling and managing MapInfo’s geospatial products in the telecommunications sector.

Having established Wild Wave, Col combines his sales and marketing knowledge and his analytical skills with his keen interest in computers and photography to provide a package of services which are geared specifically to the business sector.