Col Pask is an accredited trainer with over 5 years corporate training experience and another 5 years with Wild Wave (previously CNP Services).

Wild Wave offers training in:

·        Microsoft Word
·        Microsoft Excel
·        Microsoft PowerPoint
·        Internet Browers
·        Email

We have two computers running the following:

Computer : IBM Compatible
21″ Flatscreen monitor

Word 2003
Excel 2003
Access 2003
Office 2007
Office 2010
Internet Explorer
Mozella Firefox

Apple iMac 24″ Desktop
Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.7
Office for Mac 2008
Office for Mac 2011
Mozella Firefox
Mail V4.5 (1084)

We can train you at our premises in Croydon Victoria, on our computers or on your own laptop.  Alternatively, we can train you at your premises, on your own equipment (additional charges apply to cover travelling).

Let Wild Wave assess your training requirements.  We will put together an individualised training program for one-on-one training, or a more generic program for group training.

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