Spreadsheets, when compiled properly, can save your business a large amount of time and money. They can easily display critical information that is essential to running your business.

Spreadsheets provide a huge amount of information for the progressive business.  Everything from costs, revenue, profit, sales, production, customers, faulty goods, and much more can be easily placed in spreadsheets.

Even product price books can be automated on a spreadsheets based system.  Sales staff simply enter the quantity required and all the pricing and quantity discounts are automatically and instantly calculated.

Spreadsheets must be easy to use and a good design is therefore essential.  Spreadsheets can be linked so that data only has to be input into one spreadsheet and then, if necessary, this data can automatically populate other multiple spreadsheets.

But that’s not all.  The data must be interpreted, compared and analysed to be of value.  Often graphs can be embedded into a spreadsheet application so that results are more easily analysed.

Unfortunately most people do not know what can be done with spreadsheets, so they run their businesses using labour intensive spreadsheets which cost the business valuable time and money.

At Wild Wave, we have the expertise and experience necessary to design and maintain spreadsheets so that management and staff can get up to date information with ease.

Let us show you what we can do.

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